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What is the delivery for a StereoLithography Rapid Prototype?
Typical delivery is within five business days. Parts have been delivered is as short as the same business day for local customers.

How accurate are StereoLithography Rapid Prototypes?
Typical accuracy is ± .0015 in/in.

What format is required for the data?
The StereoLithography Apparatus uses a .STL file. Almost all 3-D CAD packages can export this file type.

Can StereoLithography Rapid Prototypes be colored?
StereoLithography prototypes can be dyed or painted.

Urethane Casting

How many parts can be cast in a mold?
Generally 20-40 parts can be shot from a mold. The exact number will depend on the configuration of the part and the material selected.

How large of part can be cast?
protoCAD has cast parts 42" X 36" X 15".

Can flexible parts be cast?
Yes, there is a wide range of urethanes with different durometers that can be cast.

What colors are available?
Most colors can be cast including clear. Normally a stock color is sufficient, but a specific color match can be done.

Can fillers be added to the urethanes?
Yes, we have previously added milled glass and other fillers to tailor material properties.

How accurate are the cast parts?
The RTV rubber copies the pattern extremely well. You can even cast a record album and it will play. The tolerance is normally within ± .0015in/in from the pattern.

How fast can I get parts?
Molds are usually created in two days and the mold can be cast several times a day. The exact number depends upon the material selected. Most molds are cycled 4 times daily. With a multi-cavity mold, a hundred parts can be delivered in a few days.

Why have parts cast? Why not just rapid prototype the parts?
Urethane castings are generally more economical in quantities of 3 or more and provide better material properties.

How high a temperature can the urethane withstand?
The best urethane for temperature can withstand 102°C (214°F) or 123°C (253°F) when heat treated.

Can any urethanes pass UL requirements?
Yes, some urethanes have a UL 94VO rating.

Rapid Injection Molding

What material can you use?
Most thermoplastics can be molded in a rapid injection mold.

How fast can I get the parts?
Generally a first article is delivered in four weeks.

How many parts can be made in a single tool?
The current tooling epoxies allow for tens of thousands of parts to be molded.

Armor Coating

How fast can I get the coating?
The coating takes just a couple days.

How thick is the coating?
The overall coating thickness can be selected. The thickness will vary though based on the geometry of the part.

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