Engineering/Product Design

Inventor Support

From inventors to fortune 500 companies to the Department of Defense, protoCAD provides personlized engineering assistance in all phases of product development and support.  We help conceptualize, define, and refine products utilizing CREO CAD software.  

CAD Design

GD&T Tolerance Analysis

CREO CAD Engineering


protoCAD utilizes CREO to create designs and support design engineers.  Designs previously done include a night vision goggle, neti pot, volleyball setter, roller coaster toy track, ejection seat rocket motor, automobile air vent, satellite, dental tray, and tracheotomy training fixture.

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing-GD&T

protoCAD's engineers are well trained in GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing) and have experience creating drawings to government standards. Tolerance analyses are provided to you in report form with interferences and clearances noted along with recommended changes if desired.

Reverse Engineering

CREO Drawing Conversion

CREO CAD Drawing Reverse Engineering


protoCAD can create fully detailed drawing packages documenting designs that were manufactured without drawings.

Drawing Conversion

protoCAD converts your old data packages to Pro/ENGINEER in a timely and cost efficient manner. Changes can be incorporated including updating to the latest ASME standards. Parameters and formats will be set to your standards

Fabrication Management

Government Support

Fabrication - Engineering Management


protoCAD has also established a collaborative team of fabrication shops to assist in whatever services are needed. Whether you need a handful of parts fabricated during your product development or you are ready to transition to product manufacturing, let our team of fabrication shops assist you.  

DOD Logo

protoCAD provides prototyping support and engineering support using state of the art Pro/ENGINEER Creo CAD software to our government customers.  protoCAD has a long history of working with various government agencies.  Past efforts have included both various engineering tasks and fabrication and prototyping tasks. 

Custom Manufacturing


Custom Manufacturing - protoCAD

protoCAD has developed materials, and custom manufacturing techniques to meet unique customer requirements such as propellant tubes, calibration spheres, prototective ship tiles, and surgical training skin. 

ITAR Certified

  • protoCAD is a small business concern
  • Primary NAICS: 332710, 541330, 541340
  • ITAR registered
  • All employees are US citizens.
  • All engineers are US citizens and possess inactive clearances.

Engineering Quote

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